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Cranes have long contributed to the development of towns, cities, nations and ultimately to the foundations of an affluent future. The history of hydraulic cranes in Japan started in 1955 with TADANO's development of the OC-2 Truck Crane.
We began exporting our products overseas in 1960 and created our first overseas subsidiary in 1973. Since then, TADANO has been advancing in step with the worldwide development of international business, and we have established a strong position in the international field of hydraulic crane sales.
Now TADANO is aiming to achieve a new growth trajectory by expanding the scope of its business to become the world's no.1 manufacturer of Lifting Equipment, a field that includes not only cranes, but many varieties of machinery and equipment embodying the concept of mobile, gravity-defying equipment for aerial work.
Our objective is to achieve complete globalization and become a respected, world-renowned enterprise for generations to come.

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